How to Use Send List Email Button in Salesforce Lightning

                  A list email allows to email an individual email to each recipient in a list instead of one email to the entire group. So we can send individual and personalized, emails to recipients on contact and lead lists and members of a Salesforce campaign.

We can use email templates with merge fields to customize each email. Similarly, Using the list email feature is to help the business processes sales team who needs it. Quickly follow up with customers, or send leads an invitation to a webinar.  For instance, it could be used by the service team. Now sales cadence automated emails are sent as a list email.

Below are the steps to create Send List Emails:

Step 1: Go to contact, In that top right corner, there is a button provided by salesforce.

Step 2: Select the checkbox next to individual records wants to email or select all records on the page. Except Recently Viewed and no records are selected clicking Send List Email selects all the records as list email recipients. Click on the recipient to whom the mail need to be sent or a list of contact can also be selected to whom the mail need to send. After that On clicking that Sends List Email, the selected recipient is added.

Step 3: After adding the recipient, the subject and content for the email can be added. Therefore any email template needs to be added.

Step 4: The previous email is sent from salesforce, by enabling a button mail can also be sent from Gmail. In the quick find box, enter “send through external email services”.

Step 5: On clicking in your name, go to my settings.

Step 6:

            Click to edit my email settings and edit your mail settings.

Step 7:

            On selecting “selecting through Gmail”, the mail will go from your mail.

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