How do we Track Email In Salesforce?

When we send an e-mail from Salesforce, a copy of our message is logged as a task record on the Activity History related list of related records. In past, it was necessary to run a manual report in Salesforce to see whether emails had been opened. Now, Salesforce makes it possible to see whether an email has been opened in the Activity Timeline. we’ll see whether the email is unopened or if it was read. we’ll even be able to see when the email was first opened and last opened.

To track emails in Salesforce, we need to first enable Enhanced Email and Email Tracking. Once this is done, we’ll be able to track emails that have been sent from Gmail, Salesforce, Email Relay, and Office 365. With Enhanced Email, emails in Salesforce are saved as EmailMessage records instead of Task records.

Step 1:

Goto Setup and select Email Section then Enable “Enhanced Email”.

Step 2:

Enable Email tracking on activity Settings.

Once Saved we’ll be able to view the email tracking for all emails sent through Salesforce.

In lightning we can view email status in same activity.

In Classic We have to place a HTML email Status as an contact. Then we can able to view in related contact.

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