How to create custom Email template in Salesforce

Creating email templates in Salesforce is easy and can save a huge amount of time. It Helps to increase productivity and ensure consistent messaging. Email templates with merge fields let we quickly send emails that include field data from Salesforce records like Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, or custom objects. We can use email templates when mass emailing people with List Email or just to send to one person. users know that we can actually create personal email templates that we ourselves can keep on top of to make sure they are up to date, relevant and personalized.

There are two kinds of email templates in Salesforce :

1.         Classic Email Templates

2.         Lightning Email Templates

Here we are going to explain about classic Email Templates :

We can create four different types of Classic email templates: Text, HTML with Classic Letterhead, Custom, and Visualforce. We can add text, merge fields, and attach files in all these types of email templates. They use Salesforce Merge Language (SML) to insert merge fields.

In this blog we are going to use simple text based Email. The reason for this is that if we are required by our company to use a letterhead then it is better to go through our administrator to create templates. The other reason for this is I believe that simple text based emails look the most sincere and “real”.

Step-1 : Click setup on setting icon which is placed in top right corner new to profile image. Once clicked, search for the “Classic Email Templates” in search bar.

Step-2: Then Click “Classic Email Template” , it will show list of available type on right screen. Select Text type and click next to move forward.

Step-3: When we click the Next, it will be showing a template Editor on the screen. Choose the folder we wish to store the template in (I recommend Personal over Unfiled). Give the template a descriptive name, this will populate the unique name. Keep the encoding. Give the template a description if we feel its needed. And fil the body of the Email

Step-4: Salesforce will provide a feature for merging a field values on to the template. Once we have decided which merge fields to use we can simple select the object that we wish to grab the information off (We can only use objects that are linked to the object were working off), then select the field name that we need. This will generate a merge field that we can copy and paste into our template.

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