How Merfantz helps online retail business using Salesforce CRM

With Salesforce, retailers can deliver intelligent customer experience at each stage of the shopping journey. The retail industry certainly plays a predominant role in the economic development of a country. The retail industry also offers career opportunities like store managers, store owners, merchandising experts, etc. The business had gone through its share of challenges with traditional working methods. A shift to digital platforms and online purchasing tendencies by customers led to losses for brick-and-mortar stores. Further, changing customer demands, insufficient product promotions and inaccurate forecasting of customer buying behaviour led to the retail industry’s revenue fall.

However, CRM manages the industry with an agile workflow to improve operational efficiency and increase the customer base. Salesforce for retail engages with customers by generating leads and driving revenue with cloud-based capabilities. Merfantz, as a certified Salesforce ISV Partner and the best Salesforce Implementation company, significantly enables business processes to boost financial performance. Above all, Seamless collaboration across different departments like sales, marketing, store managers, and inventory, drives revenue for the retail business.


Salesforce CRM for retail businesses creates a customized shopping experience with scalable and innovative cloud-based solutions to close deals. At this Instant, Merfantz coordinates advertising with other channels including email sales and service, to increase RoI and customer satisfaction while excluding your existing unqualified customers.

First, let us look at four ways how retailers can innovate, stay relevant in these unprecedented times and boost business.

  • Effective marketing campaigns
  • Data focused decisions
  • Building customer trust
  • Following, Supply chain integration and order management
  • Collaboration with teams

As a matter of fact, the use of Marketing automation tools to get access to customer data drives customer-focused Customer relationship management abilities of the retail B2B and B2C. Targeted emails that emphasize the exact customer requirement for a product and utilize the customer’s help in running the retail business smoothly. Moreover, Customer data analysis assists in visualizing customer performances on a shopping platform and forecasting future buying trends.  AI automates data-driven tasks in the retail business and consolidates online purchases.

Customer reward schemes and strategies increase the customer base and generate more business to make the retail ecosystem profitable. Meanwhile, CRM for retail solutions focuses on supply chain logistics like procurement, transportation, warehousing, inventory, packaging and distribution of goods to respond to customer needs and demands. Salesforce CRM boosts sales and increases profitability in the business by managing customer data. Overall, it helps to manage suppliers, vendors, and store owners across mobile devices to ensure seamless transactions and automate invoice generation.

Seamless collaboration among the in-house associates defines the larger goals of the retail business. CRM connects store operations via different channels for coordinated interactions between the teams to increase customer satisfaction. To conclude, Merfantz provides a wide range of Salesforce-related services like implementation, integration, customization, administration, and support.

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