How to Grow business with Merfantz

Running a business is not a piece of cake, but with advanced technology like Salesforce, it seems quite possible. Merfantz helps to grow your business by overcoming low-sales rate risk, using customized salesforce default processes to generate quality leads. Firstly, we have established as one of the epitomes of industry offering phenomenal Salesforce support and administration services.  Undeniably to grow business with Merfantz , make sure that users are easily able to the change and empower sales, services and overall marketing efforts through salesforce.

Merfantz is one of the best Salesforce Consultant Service Company and the Salesforce ISV partner companies with proficient resources. We are good at handling client services, marketing and sales activities with our qualified developers and admins. In the first place our custom-made services give you a flawless service every time. We particularly always stick to strict international code guidelines and standards.


The most important key features to grow business with us, i.e.:

  • Basically, you can customize your Salesforce console to get a 360- degree view of your customers.
  • We enhance your business through generating most potential leads and focus on them accordingly.
  • Run the salesforce -managed default marketing campaigns to promote your business.
  • Above all, design app within minutes with the help of a few clicks and lesser codes.
  • Thereafter deliver personalized services to all your clientele by having all their information collated on your dashboards.
  • Provide both by increasing customer retention and improving the credibility of your company and brand.
  • Lastly, better customer service to your entire team providing personalized solutions and communication.

Above all, with our services you do not need an internal team to manage your salesforce services, we pick a specialized team with the right set of skills to suit your support needs. We detect and solve a problem in your software before it converts into a big problem which causes an impact on the growth of your sales. In addition, we proactively monitor and identify the area of enhancements that can bolster the performance of your company.

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