How to Create Dynamic Interactions in Dynamic Actions Bar in Salesforce

Dynamic Actions Bar component to create Dynamic Interactions, which trigger other components to update and transform based on user interactions. Update multiple components on the app page with one click of a button.

This change applies to Lightning Experience in all editions.

The Dynamic Actions Bar component isn’t generally available and is being piloted with certain Customers subject to additional terms and conditions. It isn’t part of your purchased Services. This feature is subject to change, maybe discontinued no notice at any time in SFDC’s sole discretion, and SFDC may never make this feature generally available. Make your purchase decisions only on the basis of generally available products and features.

Dynamic Interactions

Dynamic Interactions has four major building blocks,

  • Event—Anything that can trigger an interaction, such as a mouse click, a button press, or a change in a field’s value.
  • Interaction—An activity that happens between the source and the target.
  • Source—The item triggering the event. Currently, only custom Lightning web components and the Dynamic Actions Bar Component(Pilot) are supported as sources.
  • Target—The item that’s the target of the interaction. Any component on a Lightning page can be a target.

Use custom components as a source, the Dynamic Actions Bar component is the first standard component supported as a source for your interactions.

When you select the component on your app page, click Add Interaction in the properties pane. After the name, the button, can choose your interaction type and configure it in the pane.

For example, say want to configure your new button, Show Cases, to update the ListView component to showcases instead of accounts.

want the button to update a component, so in the Interaction picker

(1)Under Components, select Update Properties. Then, specify the Component this interaction updates, ListView

(2). Choose the Object

(3) and Filter

(4) For your ListView as Case and All Open Cases.

Now, when users click Show Cases in the Dynamic Actions Bar, the ListView changes to show open cases.

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