How to Use Sales Dialer Telephony Features in Salesforce

Sales Dialer

Use Sales Dialer to access telephony features without ever leaving Salesforce. Make and receive calls, add call notes, and log call information with ease. It just takes a single click from phone number fields in Lightning Experience, such as numbers on contacts, leads, and list views.

Guidelines for Making and Receiving Calls

  The call appears in the utility bar at the bottom of your screen, so you can multitask while you’re on a call. You can access relevant records, add call notes directly in the call panel, or create tasks, events, or other records related to the call. When you call a landline number that’s busy, the call ends without ringing or a busy signal. Select Auto-log to  call details added to the activity timeline automatically. A call log is created the number dialed is related to an existing record. The task is created, but a call log related to a record is not. You can also add more details manually after a call has ended.

Optionally, you can also receive calls with Dialer. Incoming calls show a list of related activities, so you have access to relevant information before you’ve even answered the call.

The Lightning Experience when someone calls, the person calling hears a message that you’re not available. The voicemail is enabled in org and store up to 20 voicemail messages. With the voicemail drop feature, you can also record messages to leave when you make a call and get someone else’s voicemail. For best results, we recommend reps start their message as soon as the recording begins. Messages can be up to 1 minute long. For now, reps can have 10 voicemail drop recordings.

 Dialer Number

Assign a Dialer number from your personal settings so the calls you make and receive don’t appear to be coming from an unknown number.

Forwarding Number for Dialer

Get your Dialer calls forwarded to your mobile phone or main business line so you never miss a call. You can easily assign a forwarding number from your personal settings.

Sales Dialer Best Practices

For the best calling experience, use a hardwired connection to your network with adequate bandwidth, use a wired headset, and set up the proper environment on your machine.

Dialer Prerequisites

The calls continue in inactive tabs for longer than your org’s session timeout limit, not logged properly. Notes made on the call may also be lost. Setup, enter Session Settings in the Quick Find box. Then select Session Settings and make updates. Before beginning the implementation process, Salesforce must enable Dialer permissions and provision Dialer licenses for your organization.  Salesforce contact coordinates it with you, but you can check if your organization has available Dialer licenses. In Setup, enter Company Information in the Quick Find box, then select Company Information, and check for Dialer Outbound User and Dialer Inbound User under Permission Set Licenses.

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