Admin Tool For Salesforce Administrators

AdminAx allows salesforce administrators to perform admin operations in bulk on your organization's customization. This tool is simply for administrators.

Smart Admin

Smart Admin on

Adminx is built on top of world's leading and most secure FORCE.COM cloud platform

Access anywhere

AdminAx is not a traditional model application. You can access your data anywhere in the world, as your data will be given a shelter in the cloud.

Reducing the time and simply customization

The new Smart Admin tool was designed specifically to offload the complex and time consuming Admin tasks on


This package requires Account team, Opportunity Team and Territory Management should have been enabled in the target organization

Validation rules

Activate/Deactivate Multiple Validation Rules

Easy to customize the user

Activate/Deactivate/Resetpassword for multiple users

customize the teams

Add/Remove users to Account team and Opportunity Team

Workflow Rules

Activate/Deactivate Multiple workflow rules

Simply Customize Metadata items

Update objects and Fields properties for multiple Metadata items

Easy to update the permissions

Update Multiple Permission sets at a time

scheduled the Apex classes

Schedule Multiple Apex classes at a time

customize the user and group

Add/Remove Multiple Users to Group at a time

Email Templates

Activate/Deactivate Multiple Email templates at a time

easy to organize the territory

Add/Remove users from the Multiple Territory

Assignment Rules

Activate/Deactivate Multiple assignement rules at a time

Add/Remove Users from Multiple Public Groups

Able to add multiple users to Multiple public groups at a time. All the bulk customization can be done in a single interface.

Your admin tasks are now very easy!!