EduAx : Cloud ERP for school Management

Expert solution to manage your School force

Runs on Cloud

Cloud based School Management System

EduAx is built on top of world's leading and most secure FORCE.COM cloud platform

Access anywhere

EduAx is not a traditional model application. You can access your data anywhere in the world, as your data will be given a shelter in the cloud.

Easy to use?

Minimal training required, even for less savvy users, Most aspects of EduAx are configurable to suit your needs

Great support

Friendly and professional staff who are ready to help you.

Improved User Experience

Providing a brand new educational culture to all the schools across the world is the inspirational factor behind the development of this solution. Realizing all the practical challenges needed to face in the running of a school has made us go for such a school management software, which can assure you the best experience in your choice of work.

Organized in the cloud

The most talked-about term currently in the IT industry is cloud computing. EduAx lives in the cloud so you can securely access it from your desktop, phone and tablet no matter where you are.

Staff and student time table

Updated time charting of classes and other events can be published on our timetable management portal. Students and staff get notified with the class modules.

Academic Calender

The academic calender need to mention all the important events happening in the school or college. This module lets you add the important events to the academic calender.

Staf and Student Leave Management

The comprehensive section – leave management, records the dates on which the faculty or students went on leave. This would give greater relevance in staffs performance evaluation for students.

School over Phone

The smart phone friendly design lets administrators to view or edit the institution data anytime over the phone. This school management system software has been proven to be highly responsive over iOS, Windows and Android phones. As people nowadays prefer more on phones and tablets these advanced features helps your Web School ERP with the added advantage to its accessibility.

Education Simplified

Our guaranteed and stable streaming over any browsers helps administrators to access or modify data from anywhere at any time without interruptions. Regardless of the shift among Chrome, Firefox or Explorer, users can access our software at the perfect quality.

Easy import and export of data

Our fully functional software offers successful export and import of the data. All the student/employee details can be effectively transferred between the frontend and backend of the software, which actually helps in creating a totally new user experience to the clients.

Easy to understand reports And Dashboard

See real-time updates across school with powerful data analysis staff and students population,attendance, events and meetings.

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