Why Merfantz for Salesforce Customization?

Each business is unique and has its own specific requirements. Merfantz being one of the best Salesforce Customization company offers the right solutions to corporate, companies and individuals basically. Merfantz as a Salesforce ISV Partner and also the best  Salesforce consulting company provides outstanding customer experience to reach your  goals. To fine-tune the CRM to address your unique challenges ,Undoubtedly Merfantz helps to customize and configure their  Salesforce system which enhances the sales productivity and revenue to your business needs.

It is important to differentiate between  Salesforce customization  and configuration . Certainly, Both Salesforce customization and configuration is the  process of adapting Salesforce to suit their unique needs. However ,Salesforce customization is a little more detailed.

What is Salesforce customization?

Salesforce Customization is the process of adapting the Salesforce platform to suit your business. Certainly, It requires programming/coding skills  as the process involves making changes at code level. As a result , Customization is  generally left  to Salesforce developers. Customization is a trigger to the object for performing certain actions. It  produces more significant performance.

Above all, businesses consider  Salesforce for two primary reasons i.e. to increase revenue and boost ROI from salesforce implementation. Altogether here are some possible customizations  may include:

  • Firstly, Changing UI using CSS.
  • Enabling bulk transaction(mainly, to process large volume of data).
  • Adding new features in java script.
  • Creating triggers and apex classes.
  • Enabling Custom Email templates with Visualforce.
  • Finally, Integrating third- party Systems.

Undeniably , it improves satisfaction of customers and then intensifies business analytics. Besides , it helps to improve the efficiency of your sales. Also  improves the retention of the customers and also we offer the best customer service which helps in increasing the revenue.

Merfantz for Salesforce Customization services adds value to your  marketing activities and sales. As a result, it leads to the increase of new customers and customer retention. We help in tailoring the Salesforce functionalities as per your requirements of the business. Furthermore ,Merfantz  helps in adopting the best CRM and also grips it to get the benefits from its advantages.

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