Why Do We Choose Merfantz Salesforce Consulting Service

Merfantz is one of the Best Salesforce Development Companies in India. A creative development team and Salesforce ISV partner, we outstand as a service provider and come up with profitable solutions. Salesforce developers reduce the cost and the time involved in the work.

Merfantz engineering success starts with communication. The holistic approach to engineering sights.



  • Integrate workloads across cloud environments.
  • Reduced complexity and standardization.
  • Improved security and maximized availability.

By becoming our partner you gain access to valuable resources to build salesforce Practices. Have the full advantage of massive opportunities provided by the salesforce ecosystem. We implement and optimize salesforce products in a scalable and effective way with clients’ requirements. we are reachable and visible by having our brand name on top of the business app website.


Specialized in Development and Admin:

  • Application Development
  • Application System Integration
  • Legacy System Migration
  • Cloud Management and Support
  • Power Apps development
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • Technology assessment
  • App support and maintenance
  • Application and Website Hosting
  • Web development

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