How to Schedule the Send Email in Salesforce Lightning?

As sales reps send emails to leads and contacts, they can schedule the emails so that they arrive at the most optimal time. Set up Scheduled Email in Lightning Experience so that reps can update the content of a scheduled email and change its scheduled date and time.

Email recipient addresses are saved when an email (or list email) is scheduled. Even if a recipient is deleted from Salesforce, the email is still sent. Reps can delete scheduled emails from the Scheduled Emails list. Delete scheduled list emails from the List Emails home page.

Step-1 : Select the records from the contact or lead.

How to Schedule Send Later

Step-2 : Then select Send List email button from the top corner of the page

Step-3 : To schedule a list email, select Send Later.

How to Schedule Send Later

Step-4 :Set a date and time for the list email to be sent.

Send Later

Step-5 : Click Send Later and the email is scheduled to be sent at that date and time.

Step-6 : To change the scheduled time, or delete the email, go to the List Email home page.

Step-7 : The scheduled date and time appear on the list email.

How to Schedule Send Later

Step- 8 : Unschedule or reschedule a list email here or in the List Email home page.

How to Schedule Send Later

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