Salesforce Winter’23 Release Updates and the Highlights

Winter is here!! for Salesforce

It’s that time of year again! Salesforce has just given us another loaded release with features that are sure to make your user experience easier and enhance your Salesforce instance. Moreover, Merfantz being the best and certified Salesforce consulting company and a Salesforce ISVpartner assists you with a lot of suggestions and guides to take your business highest in the market. We’ve read through all of the release documentation to give you the highlights. Every time when the salesforce notes are released, we always jump straight because, well it always has great updates and highlights the content. Undeniably, make the lives of Salesforce Admins a lot easier.

However, this release enables companies to automate and scale complex business processes, personalize customer experiences, and drive growth efficiently. The Salesforce professionals and various corporate companies know that they are going to have many new features & functionalities to play around with in the coming year. Read on to learn more!


Highlights of Salesforce winter release i.e:

  • Enhancements in dynamic forms.
  • Following with multiple filter values.
  • Broadcast communications.
  • TikTok integration for Commerce.
  • Now easily set field level security on permission sets.
  • Carbon credit allocation in detail.
  • External actions and custom report type updates.

As I have noted, with the newly updated Salesforce release, Customers can now migrate the fields and sections from page layouts as individual components — and configure them like other components on the page — to display only the fields and sections that users need. Before, in lighting app builder, you were able to filter the picklist field by one value only. But now u can filter the picklist by multiple filter values with high and medium priority. There is no more hassle in granting access to a field of each permission set. Moreover, we can enable expiration dates and manage your permission assignments efficiently.

At this instant, Organizations can streamline their marketing tech stack and leverage all existing engagement channels using External Actions. This lets customers build external actions for third-party apps — such as registering prospects for webinars. Meanwhile, Net Zero cloud enables customers to track and manage carbon credits, giving them a comprehensive view of purchased carbon credits, allocated carbon credits, and used carbon credits.

Salesforce makes social commerce easy on TikTok with new dynamic video/collection ads and automated smart product feeds through a rich in-app experience. In the first place reach your audiences and publish your solutions and product as new sales channels.

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