Salesforce Report Overview

Report are similar to container to store all records based on criteria. Whenever the criteria changed, the list of records also changed in report. It has shown as different formats (Tabular, Summary, Joined,  Matrix) based on user needs and. Report is shown based on user permission.

We can also set schedule for the report is possible,

Key Points:

How to Create Report Type

How Create the Report

How to Schedule the Created Report.

Lets see one by one . . 


Step 1: Create ‘Report Type’ which contain primary object with related objects.

            Setup -> Create -> Report type

Step 2: For example we select primary object (Account) which implement contact object. Then click ‘Next’ button.

Report type

Step 3: We select ‘Contact’ object by click B option picklist in the below picture. So the related account and contact fields are display in the report. Finally click ‘Save’ button.

Report type B relation

Step 4: Click ‘Report’ object, the below figure will display. Then select any one folder left side of the figure, we want to create report in it and click ‘New Report’ button.

Report create

Step 5: See ‘Step 2’, we created report type in ‘Other Reports’ folder. So we choose this option here it shown ‘Account and Contact’ report type. Click ‘create’ button.

 Report create1

Step 6: Just drag and drop from fields on left side into right side of the page.

Step 7: click ‘Add’ in the filters, we added more criteria in this section. Here we have set the condition, active field is active.

Report cond

Step 8: Click ‘Save’ button the below window will populate on the screen. Enter Report name, Description and select any one folder type. Then click ‘Save and Run Report’ .

Report save


Step 8: Click ‘Schedule Future Runs’ in ‘Run Report’.

Schedule in Report


Step 9: Select user, date and time for the report to be send. And click ‘Save Report Schedule’.

Schedule report1

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