Salesforce Introduction

What is CRM?

CRM is a model used to manage organization interactions like phone calls, Emails, Meetings, and Social media with customers and prospects penetrating to Sales, Marketing, and Support.

Top Most CRM

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce helps you manage your customer relationships, integrate with other systems, and build your own applications. is a number one on-demand CRM in the market. It runs on the platform, it reduces development cost, and we can deliver the application in a short time. is also known as SFDC.

  • It is cloud computing technology. It is available on the cloud, no need to install any software and no hardware required.
  • You can customize/develop applications, or you can buy applications on demand from app-exchange.
  • App Exchange is a marketplace to sell our custom applications and to buy applications from app exchange.

One of the main advantages of SFDC is upgrading the features three times per year. Every year sfdc provide three releases called winter, Spring and Summer. These releases won’t impact your existing functionality. And Salesforce provides many new features with each release.


How to Customize Salesforce?

To customize salesforce you need to create your own developer account. Please follow the below steps to create a developer account.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click Sign Up

Step 3: Fill all the details to open an account and Click “Sign me Up”.

Note: In Salesforce, your username must be in the form of an email address, but does not have to be a real email. We suggest something like “[email protected]“. Your username needs to be unique.

Step 4: Once you click the Sign me up and it is successful then you will see the below image.

Step 5: Check your email id and you received an activation mail and click “Verify Account”.

Step 6: Once you clicked “Verify Account” the below screen will appear to set up account Password. Enter the Password. It must have at least 8 characters, 1 letter , 1 number. Also give your security question. This will be useful when you forget your password.

Step 7: Once the password setup is successful then you will be redirected to your Salesforce developer account home page like below,

Your Salesforce developer account has been created successfully. You are Done. Now you can experience the Salesforce. All the best.