Salesforce Free Training Course

Salesforce Free Training Course

This Course will be very helpful to learn about Salesforce.Go though the links from Part I to Part IV and experience the Salesforce concepts in your Salesforce developer org.

Salesforce Introduction

✨ Introduction

Salesforce Training Part I

✨ Creation field and objects
✨ Formula field and Field Mapping
✨ Object relation 
✨ Junction Object
✨ Tab with Object
✨ Type of Buttons

Salesforce Training Part II

✨ User creation 
✨ Profile Setup
✨ Sharing Rules
✨ OWD 
✨ Record Level Access 

Salesforce Training Part III

✨ Field Update 
✨ Validation
✨ Process Builder
✨ Time Based Work Flow 
✨ Visual flows 

Salesforce Training Part IV

✨ Page Creation 
✨ Apex Class Creation
✨ SOQL basics
✨ Trigger Creation 
✨ Test Class Creation 
✨ Component Creation
✨ Batch Class Creation 
✨ Lightning Basics 

Have you gone though all the IV Parts? then your are well known about Salesforce concepts. All the Best.