Part IV. 8. Lightning Basics in Salesforce

Welcome to Lightning Experience, the modern, beautiful user experience from Salesforce.

Salesforce focused on reinventing the desktop environment to better support your business processes. The result is an intuitive, intelligent interface that helps sales and service teams work more naturally and productively.Lightning Experience extends to service, apps, platform, and more.

Why Salesforce Built Lightning Experience

It’s Lightning! : A modern, productivity-boosting user experience designed to help sales and service reps close deals and support customers lightning fast.Lightning Experience is fast, beautiful, and unique to each sales and service user.

Salesforce Classic app view.

Salesforce Lightning App Icon

And the app list will display like this

Lightning Highlights:

  • Efficient navigation and the ability to switch between custom-branded apps
  • Quick access to productivity tools like Notes and Recent Items in the utility bar
  • New record layouts that focus on what you can do instead of what you can view
  • Turbocharged list views that let you easily filter and visualize your data
  • Beautiful dashboards with components that span both columns and rows
  • Sleek report views that you can filter quickly to see the data that’s most important to you

In Lightning You can also use the Lightning App Builder to create custom Home pages that appear for different profiles.

  • Start your day fast with a customizable, intelligent page.
  • Use the Performance Chart to monitor how close you are to crushing your numbers.
  • See relevant, timely news articles about customers, partners, and competitors with News.
  • See upcoming meetings and tasks due today.
  • Use the Assistant to identify key issues to work on today.
  • Focus your selling activities on your Top Deals.

Opportunity Workspace

Salesforce taken your sales process and put it into an action-optimized workspace, designed to help your sales reps work their deals faster and smarter. You can customize coaching scripts for each step in the sales process, create records quickly with fewer clicks, and ultimately close deals faster.

  • Showcase key record details in the new highlights panel at the top of the page.
  • Use the handy composer to quickly log calls, create tasks, send emails, and more.
  • Get key coaching details with a customizable Path to support your sales process.
  • See a wealth of related information on hover using quick view, without ever leaving the opportunity page.
  • Add related records—like contacts—in context with minimal clicks.
  • View relevant, timely news about the account the opportunity’s associated with.

Accounts and Contacts

Like with opportunities (and leads), we’ve optimized the layout for accounts and contacts, organizing the content by their primary use case: reference. Now your sales and service reps can find information and gather information at a glance.

  • Locate important data efficiently with the redesigned Lightning Experience page layout.
  • Get key coaching details on account records with a customizable Path to support your sales process.
  • Get the latest news for your customers with News.
  • Work smarter and keep your data clean with field-level duplicate matching.
  • Review past and upcoming activities at a glance.

Reports and Dashboards

Your users will love the ability to create their own filters on reports. You will appreciate the updated dashboard editor, which features components that span both columns and rows.

  • Create filters while viewing a report.
  • Make visually awesome dashboards with more than three columns.
  • Transition easily from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience with reports and dashboards that are automatically viewable in the new interface. And they inherit all permissions and sharing settings that were defined in Salesforce Classic.

Kanban View

The Kanban view organizes a set of records into columns to track your work at a glance. To update a record’s status, drag it into a different column. You can configure the board by selecting what fields columns and summaries are based on. And, get personalized alerts on key opportunities in flight.
  • Visualize your work at each stage or status
  • Move records between columns using drag and drop functionality
  • Configure columns and summary fields on the fly
  • Edit or delete records to keep them up to date
  • Quickly create filters to slice your data how you want
  • For opportunities, get alerts to notify you when action is needed on a key deal

  1. The records in the Kanban view are based on the selected list view.
  2. Easily toggle between the list view grid view and the Kanban view.
  3. Filter your records to view a particular subset of your records.
  4. Search for records within the current view.
  5. Select which record type to view.
  6. Columns are created based on the grouping field.
  7. Change how columns are organized and summarized using Kanban settings.
  8. Quickly move a record to a different column by dragging the card.
  9. For opportunities, alerts tell how to keep a deal on track, for example, create a task or event.

This training information is very useful to learn about the basics of Lightning Experience.