Part IV. 1. Page Creation in Salesforce

Create the Visualforce Page

Follow these steps to create a Visualforce page in the Developer Console.

  1. Open the Developer Console under Your Name or the quick access menu (Setup gear icon).
    The Developer Console opens in a new window.
  2. Click File | New | Visualforce Page.
  3. Enter HelloWorld for the name of the new page, and click OK.
    A new, blank Visualforce page opens in the Developer Console.
  4. In the editor, enter the following markup for the page.

<h1>Hello World</h1>

5. Click File | Save.

6.To see your new page, click Preview.

The rendered page opens in a new window. Note that this page preview shows your page without Salesforce styling. To see your page in the context of Lightning Experience, return to your main browser window. Open your browser’s JavaScript console and enter the following code. Don’t forget to replace pageName with your page’s name:
{“url”: “/apex/pageName”}).fire();
This JavaScript fires the Lightning Experience navigateToURL event, and is the equivalent of entering in the classic /apex/PageName URL—you can even see that URL pattern in the code.
7.In the editor, add some additional text to your page, and save it.
The preview window automatically refreshes to reflect your changes when you save the page. We’ll leave out the save instruction in the future, but you should save your pages in between steps.
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Click File | Open to see a list of existing Visualforce pages. Double-click a page to open it. You can also open other Salesforce entities, such as Apex classes and triggers, Visualforce components, and so on.
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