Importance of Company Information in Salesforce

Company Information

Use the Company Information page in Setup to track what’s important about your company’s organization in Salesforce. You can also manage your licenses and entitlements.

In sandbox orgs, you can use this page to match provisioned licenses in production to your sandbox organization. The matching process updates your sandbox organization with licenses from production and deletes any licenses in sandbox that aren’t in production.



  • Manage Information About Your Company
    The Company Information page shows all the important information about your company (listed here in alphabetical order). The page also includes the user and feature licenses purchased for your organization.
  • Allow the Required Domains
    To enable your users to access Salesforce, you must add the standard Salesforce domains to your list of allowed domains.
  • Web Request Limits
    Limits for concurrent usage on web requests.
  • Select Your Language, Locale, and Currency
    The Salesforce settings for language, locale, time zone, and currency can affect how objects, such as Accounts, Leads, or Opportunities, are displayed.
  • Define Your Fiscal Year
    Specify a fiscal year that fits your business needs.
  • Deactivate an Org
    When an org has outlived its usefulness and it’s time to move on, you can deactivate it or allow it to expire. and more…