How to Use Approval Process Without Clicking on Submit Button

Here, we provide wonderful concept of approval process in Fieldax & Field Service Management Salesforce. High priority task needs to approve by Major Role User whenever changes made in the record without click on submit approval button. In real time you need to approve opportunity by high authority user, this type of situation we prefer the below steps. We given the example concept depend on student list.

Some time Class staff to select the student based on the marks for School-Ranking List. Class staff sends their list to Principal for his suggestion. After confirming the student to be selected for Ranking.

We have used Process Builder and Approval Process for to achieve the above process.

How to created Approval Process?

Approval Process is automated business process, used to accept or reject the record.

Go to -> Setup -> Build -> Create -> Workflow & Approvals -> Approval Processes

Select object which is going to use on approval process

Select any one type (See the below)

a) Use Jump Start Wizard – Short to create approval process within one-page

b) Use Standard Setup Wizard – Detail list of approval process with many pages

List of steps in Standard Setup Wizard

i. Enter Name and Description

ii. Specify Entry Criteria

iii. Specify Approver Field and Record Editability Properties

iv. Select Notification Template

v. Select Fields to Display on Approval Page Layout

vi. Specify Initial Submitters

i. Enter Name and Description –

You can create approval process name with unique. Click ‘Next’.

ii. Specify Entry Criteria

You can specify the condition. Here we check the student marks greater than 390 and Grade A or B.

iii. Specify Approver Field and Record Editability Properties

You can specify approved by using user field. See the below picture, you can set the Manager field contain user as the approver.

Select the first option if only can edit administrator, otherwise select second option denote current assigned approver can do editing.

iv. Select Notification Template

You can send an email when the record performs some action on record. Here we have created ‘Oppor approver temp‘ for send email to the approver.

Try the below code Email Template ()  :

<messaging:emailTemplate subject=”Request for Top Rank Student” recipientType=”User” relatedToType=”Student__c” >

<messaging:htmlEmailBody >

Dear Principal,<br/>

We have verified Registration no:{!relatedTo.Name} – Name as<b>{!relatedTo.Student_Name__c}</b> got good marks <br/>

and monitoring activities during the class periods.<br/>

The Student <b>{!relatedTo.Student_Name__c}</b> got grade <b>{!relatedTo.Grade__c}</b>. So we selected this student.<br/>

Kinldy Suggest your comments by using the below link.<br/>

<!– <a>{!}</a> –>

<apex:outputlink value=”{!LEFT($Api.Partner_Server_URL_140,FIND(‘.com’,$Api.Partner_Server_URL_140)+4)+relatedTo.Id}”>Student Record Link

Student Record Link



Requested By,<br/>

Staff Name<br/>




v. Select Fields to Display on Approval Page Layout

You can set which fields you can visible during approval and rejection process by approver.

Approval Steps :-

You can create more than approval steps. This is three step process. At least one step approval process is good.

First to enter a unique name then enter conditions.

After that, you can assign approver for the approval process. The below picture to describe automatically assign default user when the record meets criteria.

Save and Active the Approval Process.

Create Process Builder :-

Goto -> Setup -> Build -> Create -> Workflow & Approvals -> Process Builder -> New

Enter Process Builder name and click save button.

Select Object and click save.

Set the condition (see the picture below)

Select the Approval Process then click save.

Activate the process builder

We have approval process without click on submit button by using Process Builder in Fieldax&Field Service Management. so kindly let us know if you have any query.

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