How to Show Error Message in Trigger in Salesforce

Today, We are have created the post for explaining the below three topics.

  1. How to add custom error message in Apex Trigger
  2. How to query the related contact and checking  the values
  3. How check the old map and new map values.


Scenario is : When we change the Account type, we have to check the related contacts and make to show the error, If the Primary Contact filed doesn’t marked true.

Coding Is Below:

Trigger AccountTrigger on Account (before Update,before insert) {
List<id> AccountIds = new List<id>();
boolean flag = false;
for(Account acc : Trigger.New){
Account oldAccount = Trigger.oldMap.get(acc.ID);
if(acc.type != oldAccount.type) {
AccountIds.add( acc.Id);

if(AccountIds.size() > 0){
List <Contact> ContactList = new List<Contact> ();
ContactList = [select id, Primary_contact__c from contact where Contact.AccountId IN : AccountIds];

for(Contact con: ContactList){
if (con.Primary_contact__c){
flag = true;

Trigger.New[0].addError(‘Please enable the Primary contact one’);


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