How to setup Email to case in Salesforce

  1. Go to setup -> Enter Email-to-Case and click on
  2. Click Continue
  3. Click edit and enable the Email-to-Case and Select the option based on below image and click on save

  4. Create the New Routing Information
  5. Enter the Routing Information and enter the valid Email address and Choosing the Case Origin to Email
  6. Save and Generate the email link and Verify the link
  7. Go to the mail and verified that Salesforce link
  8. go to the mail setting and Choose the Add forwarding address
  9. Copy and Paste the Salesforce generating link for Add forwarding address
  10. Click on Proceed and click ok.

  11. Now we create the case from the mail, set the link for to address and enter the Subject.

  12. Finally we create the Case from the Gmail.

    Prepared By,
    Tamilselvan Selvaraj,
    Software Engineer,
    Merfantz Technologies.