How to Setup Email Deliverability Settings in Salesforce

Email deliverability is the likelihood of a company’s or individual’s email reaching. Salesforce offer several settings and compliance options to improve the deliverability of the email we are sending through the Salesforce.

Two things affect email deliverability : past bounced emails to the same email domain, and email that doesn’t comply with a recipient’s email security framework. Check out some guidelines to help we handle these roadblocks so our users’ emails get where they’re going fast.

To control the type of email that our organization sends. Use the Access level option in the Access to Send Email section. The available options include:

  • No access : It’s prevent all the outbound email to and from users.
  • System email only : It will allow only automatically generated emails. Such as password reset and new user emails.
  • All email : It will allow the all types of outbound email. Also it’s Default for the new and non-sandbox Orgs.

Step-1: Open setup and Search for the deliverability in the quick find box.

Email deliverability

Step-2: Once opened the Settings, Then we can see the Access level in the Page

Email deliverability

Step-3: In the Pick-list we can select the access level as per our need.

Email deliverability

Reference link : https:// ?id= sf.emailadmin _ deliverability. htm& type= 5

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