How to Set Up Email Address Internationalization in Salesforce

Email address internationalization (EAI) is a process that enables email addresses with either the domain name or mailbox name in different languages. And scripts to work properly when sending and receiving emails.

These may include email addresses represented in Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Japanese or Tamil scripts. For instance, if an individual tried to send email to another person using an email address ending with .онлайн (.online). But the recipient’s email box is not EAI-ready, their message will not be received and they would not be able to communicate with each other.

Email Address Internationalization (EAI) in salesforce allow us to receive non-Latin-based characters in email addresses when sending emails to and from Salesforce.

  1. In the Setup , Search for the Email Address Internationalization in Quick find box.

2. Once found and opened the settings, Check the Allow international email addresses checkbox.

3. Select the Mixed Recipient Addresses setting in the picklist. There is two picklist value available.

  • Split : Emails sent from the Salesforce if containing ASCII and EAI email addresses in the TO, CC, and BCC fields, it will split into two email messages. Delivery to the ASCII email address recipients succeeds. International emails are delivered successfully as long as the recipient’s Email Service Provider (ESP) and Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) support EAI. This setting is the default.
  • Allow : Emails sent from the if Salesforce containing ASCII and EAI email addresses in the TO, CC, and BCC fields it will sent as a single email. Delivery is only successful for recipients whose mail servers support internationalized emails. For more information on mixed address handling, see Email Address Internationalization (EAI) Considerations

4. Finally we can save the settings to avoid all the emails from the non-Latin email address.

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