How to setup the password policies in Salesforce

Salesforce login password policies are those setting different salesforce login settings to provide high security settings like password expire days, specifying the time range to login for all users, number of login attempts and lockout periods.

Specifying a low number for Enforce password history allows users to continually use the same small number of passwords repeatedly. If we do not also set Minimum password age, users can change their password as many times in a row as necessary to reuse their original password.

So, in this blog, we are going to see how to enforce password policies and follow the steps to enforce.

STEP -1 : Go to setup and click Password policies .

password policies

STEP-2: In that password policies page Set Enforce password history to 24 . This will help mitigate vulnerabilities that are caused by password reuse.

password policies

STEP-3 : Then set user password expire between 60 and 90 days. Try to expire the passwords between major business cycles to prevent work loss.

click save.

Step-4 : Finally, click save to enforce.

Therefore this will help to reduced attacker to determine the password through brute force attacks.

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