How to set Details page to be default view in Lightning

In Lightning Experience, when we open a record, in the Tabs section, We would like to change the default tab that is visible when the record is opened. For example: Related, Activity, Details, Tasks, View. It currently shows “Related” and I would like to change this to Details page.

We can change the default Tab that is viewable when a record is opened for any Object in Lightning Experience, follow the below steps:

Step-1: Open the App via app launcher and Select the Object and Open any record in that Object.

Lead object records

Step-2: Once Select the record in the object ,Open that record of that Object.

Details page

Step-3: Click on the Setup button at the top right corner of the page and click Edit page. 

Details page

It should take to the Lightning Edit page (Lightning page builder).

Details page

Step-4: Click on Related or Details Tab.

Details page

Step-5: On the right side column we can see a way to make “Activity” as default tab.

Details page

Step-6: Change the value of Default Tab as “Details

Click to Save.

Step-7: Now, Click the Activate Option.

Now we can see the details as default when we open the record.

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