How to Resolve and Prevent Duplicate Data in Salesforce

Matching and Duplicate Rules

Matching rules and duplicate rules work together to ensure that your sales teams work with data that’s free of duplicates. Before your reps save new and updated records, matching rules and duplicate rules provide warnings of potential duplicates. You manage matching rules and duplicate rules in Setup.

After matching rules do the work of identifying potential duplicates, duplicate rules step in and determine what to do with them. As the admin, you choose whether to block your sales teams from creating duplicate records.

Activate a Matching Rule

  1. From Setup, Enter Matching Rules in the Quick Find box, then selects Matching Rules.
  2. Clicks Activate.

Create Custom Matching Rule

  1. From Setup,  Matching Rules in the Quick Find box, then selects Matching Rules.
  2. She clicks New Rule.
  3. selects Object which you want to add matching rule
  4. Enter the rule name and description
  5. setup the criteria

Note : The option Match Blank Fields compares records with those empty fields and considers the records as duplicates.

Block Duplicates

  1. From Setup, enter Duplicate Rules in the Quick Find box, then selects Duplicate Rules.
  2. Click New Rule and selects Gift Contact.
  3. Enter rule name,description and choose the record level security.
  4. Specify the Actions for On Create and On edit also enter the Alert Text
  5. Choose the matching rule
  6. Click Add Rule if you want to add new rule
  7. Click Save

If you try to create a duplicate record in that particular object you will get alert like below,

This information is very useful to learn about matching rule and duplicate rule.