How to Reorder the App Menu in Salesforce


As a Salesforce admin, they can change the initial order in which apps appear in the Lightning Experience App Launcher. Users can then reorder their personal view of the App Launcher to their liking.

  1. From Setup, enter App Menu in the Quick Find box, then select App Menu.
  2. From the list of app menu items, drag the apps to change their order. Changes take effect immediately.
  3. Optionally, click Visible in App Launcher or Hidden in App Launcher to show or hide individual apps from the App Launcher for all users in the org.

All apps installed in the org appear on the app menu items list. However, the apps that users see in their app menu and App Launcher vary depending on each app’s visibility settings and the user’s permissions.Users see only the apps that they are authorized to see according to their profile or permission sets.

You can also reorder the app in classic version by following the same steps.