How to personalize the navigation bar for Specific app

Help users get the most out of personalized navigation by upgrading our Classic apps to lightning apps.

  • Users can’t personalize the navigation bar of Classic apps in Lightning Experience.
  • Check what’s in our apps. Users can’t remove the items we include in the navigation bar, and they can’t personalize the navigation bar when it contains more than 50 items
  • Therefore Items that we add to an app’s navigation bar are added to the end of users’ personalized navigation bars in the order that we added them.
  • When we remove an item from an app, that item remains in our users’ personalized navigation bars, and users can then delete it.

If we don’t want our users to personalize the navigation bar for a specific app, disable personalization.

Step-1:  From Setup in Lightning Experience, go to the App Manager.

personalize the

Step-2: For the desired app, we have to click edit.

personalize the

Step-3: Then, In that Specific app select App option in left of the page .

personalize the

Step-4: select Disable end user personalization of navigation items in this app.

personalize the

Step-5: click save

Now we can see the personalized navigation bar for the app.

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