How to Mass Transfer Records from One User to Another

Mass Transfer :

Use the Mass Transfer tool to transfer multiple accounts, leads, service contracts, and custom objects from one user to another.

Follow the below steps to mass transfer records,

Step 1 : From Setup, enter Mass Transfer Records in the Quick find Box, then select Mass Transfer Records.

Step 2 : Click the link for the type of record to transfer.

Step 3 : Select Transfer from field

Step 4 : Select Transfer To field

Step 5: Enable the below Check box based on your requirements

  •              Transfer closed opportunities
  •              Transfer open cases owned by the existing account owner
  •              Transfer closed cases

Step 6 : Enter the criteria if you need

Step 7 : Click Find

Step 8 : Select the Accounts from the list to transfer to new owner.

Step 9 : Click Transfer button.

Step 10 : Account owner successfully transferred.