How to Manually Share Records in Lightning Experience

The features that is sorely missed in the Salesforce Lightning Experience is the ability to manually share records with another user. With manual sharing in Lightning Experience, you now can share records and manage record shares in a new streamlined interface.

Click Sharing on the record that you want to share. In the Share window, you can manage who the record is shared with and share any associated records.

Manual shares are available only for accounts, opportunities, cases, contacts, leads, and custom objects. This change applies to Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

As a workaround, Salesforce Labs came up with a lightning component on AppExchange called ‘Lightning Sharing’ that will allow your users to manually share records in Lightning Experience.

Step1: Install Lightning Sharing on AppExchange.

Step2:  Options that displays which org to install in dev or sandbox

Step3: Then select Lightning Sharing On the required Object

Step4: Now select the Sharing action button and place it on layout.

Step5: Then select the record which has to share and click the share button.

Step6: Then Select the user to wanted to share and give the permission to Read/Write.

In this page, Finally we can see all the users with their respective permissions for this particular record.

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