How to Generate the Public Link for Files in Salesforce?

Share a file with anyone by creating a file link and sending it through email or IM. Creating a link generates an encrypted URL that we can send to any recipient, such as leads, customers, partners, and coworkers. Recipients can be inside or outside of our company. The recipient opens a web-based version of the file that they can easily preview and download. File link recipients can only view and download files.

When we create a public link to a file, anyone who has the link can view and download the file. We can delete the link at any time, and anyone with the link can no longer access the file. If we create a link, only people with the new link can access the file.

Create and Share a File Link in Salesforce Classic

Step-1: On the Home page and Click File menu option and it shows two different menu select a file from Salesforce & upload a file from our computer

Step-2 : It will show a list of options and select the file which has to be shared.

Step-3: After uploading a file it shows files that are posted on that click More Actions and select File Sharing Settings.

Step 4: On that Anyone with Link select the View Link

Step-5: Copy the link and send it can be viewed by any of them Outside salesforce

Create and Share a Public Link for a Folder in Lightning Experience

Step-1: Search on the App launcher has Files

Step-2: After opening the files page it shows like that.

Step-3: Double Click on file that we want to share & after double click it shows like that.

Step-4 : It Shows the public link to share & copy it sent to respective persons.

For reference : Click Here

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