How to Find Vulnerabilities and Security check in Salesforce

Security is the key priority for any of the business, to be aware of the potential security vulnerabilities and protect our Salesforce data. The Health Check to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities in our security settings, all from a single page. The Salesforce Health Check scans our system to identify and fix potential security issues created by improper settings.

Step-1: Simply navigate to Setup and enter Health Check in the search bar. We can also select Health Check on the Administration Setup page as well. Then select our intended baseline and let the system work its magic.

Step-2: We’ll see a percentage score on top as well as itemized suggestions to increase our level of security. Clicking Fix Risks will quickly reconfigure the recommended settings.

Step-3: Our percentage score alerts we to the seriousness of the issues found—higher numbers signify greater risks. These risks will be separated into categories depending on their seriousness: High-Risk, Medium-Risk, and Low-Risk

This will help we prioritize our actions and point we toward vulnerabilities to address moving forward.

The security risks will be listed so we are aware of all potential hazards.

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