How to Find RECORD-TYPE ID in Salesforce

Record types allow you to associate different business processes and subset of pick list value to different users based on their user profile. They are used to drive which page layouts users see when viewing records, based on their user profile.


They are two way’s of we get the Record id

  1. Go to the Record Type.
    1. SetupCustomize> (object)> Record Types.
    2. Click on the record type.
    3. Find the Record Type IDin the URL between id= and &type.
    4. We get the Id from the link.


2. Alternatively, We can get the id from using formula field

    • We can create a custom/formula field with the value Record-Type ID.
    • Go to Your Name> (appropriate object) Customize Object> Fields> under custom fields
    • Click “New” to create new
    • Make sure you pick Formulaas the type and then Formula Text and click Next.
    • You can label the field “Record Type” (Ex.Primary).
    • Finally, enter “RecordTypeid” under Advanced Formula tab.
    • Check the syntax error and Click the “Save“.