How to Enable Salesforce Offline Settings

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Offline Settings

Securely cache data from Salesforce for Android and iOS to mobile devices. This means faster viewing of previously-accessed records, access to cached data while offline, persistence of users’ app settings, and better overall performance.

If caching is disabled, Salesforce for Android and iOS caches only the minimum data required to maintain the current session. Record details and feed items must be refreshed every time they’re viewed, so performance can be impacted.

To Enable Offline Settings in Salesforce follow the below steps,

Step 1 : Go to Setup

Step 2 : Enter “Salesforce Offline” in Quick Find-box

Step 3 : Select “Salesforce Offline”

Step 4 : check the two below check-boxes

  • Enable caching in Salesforce for Android and iOS
  • Enable offline create, edit, and delete in Salesforce for Android and iOS

Your mobile users’ productivity doesn’t have to stop when there’s no connectivity. When you enable caching and Offline Edit, users can keep working, unimpeded by a subway commute, FAA regulations, capricious cellular signals, or bunker-style buildings.

Offline access is available for Salesforce for Android and Salesforce for iOS. The beta version of Offline Edit requires version 10.0 of Salesforce for Android or Salesforce for iOS.

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