How to Enable Public Solution in Salesforce

With the help of the solution tab , our customer support team easily can create solution for the peoples outside of our organization. it will help them to find needful one.

Using the HTML code supplied from the salesforce and with the help of our website administrator, we can simply add a search box and button in our website, that will allow our customer to find solutions from the solution search box.

With the help of public solutions, our customers can find the answers to their questions from the frequently asked questions without having to call to our customer support center.

Public solutions are more different from the self service and salesforce customer Portals. Because there is no needs to users log into our portal. and they can search for the solutions. Also they can not submit cases.

Step-1 : Go to Setup, enter Public Solutions .

Solution tab

Step-2 : Then Click Edit

Salesforce style sheet

Step-3 : Now Select a checkbox Public Solutions Enabled.

Step-4 : If your organization uses solution categories

Select Check Enable Solution Browsing to allow customers to browse solutions by category. Solution categories cannot be translated into other languages ​​for public solutions.

Solution tab

Step-5 : Then Click save.

Step-6 : If desired, click Download Sample CSS File to get the Salesforce style sheet.

Salesforce style sheet

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