How to Enable Digital Experiences in Salesforce

Experience Cloud is the platform integrated with Salesforce that gives the ability to create online communities for communication with customers, partners, or employees. Then platform allows building a branded space with many customizations. 

Digital experiences can create including portals, websites, help centers, forums, and mobile apps Community Cloud is now called Experience Cloud. For instance, we can buy a Partner community Licence.

  • Customer service portal. The clients have access to the FAQ and articles so they can independently find solutions without contacting support. Then it is also a good platform for customers to share and review products with other customers.
  • Partner portal. Here can share leads, contacts, and records to drive sales and streamline marketing processes.
  • A community for employees. Teams can be grouped according to projects or events.

Benefits get from using community: 

1) It will improve the marketing experience

2) It takes away the daily burden of the support team

3) It completely integrates and engages with customers, partners, and employees, 

4) It’s very easy to administrate

5) It enables to get higher profit by generating leads, holding online events, accepting payments via community

Step1: From Setup, enter Digital Experiences in the Quick Find box

Step2: Then, click on Setting, this page will open

Step3: Then, Select Enable Digital Experiences.

Step4: Then, give Domain Name and Click Check Availability to make sure that it’s not already in use. And Click on Save.

Note: Please Make sure your domain name is unique.

Step5: Then, Goto set up and search for All sites and select them. From there we can create a community portal.

The maximum number of published and unpublished sites we can manage in a salesforce org is 100.

Features of the Salesforce Community Cloud
  1. Customized Templates and VisualForce
  2. Single Social Sign-On
  3. Check the reputation of existing members
  4. Salesforce Communities

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