How to Enable delegation Management in Salesforce

The delegation user management shares our tasks to the users that are not assigned with the system administrator. The system administrator will do delegated user management in salesforce.

  1. By creating a profile and assigning user permissions.
  2. Using Delegating administration.

Setting up a delegated administration

To set up a delegated administration for our organization, follow these steps:

Navigate to Setup | Administer | Security Controls Delegated Administration.

Step-1: Then click on New.

Once new clicked It will redirect to a New Delegated Group window, where we need to enter a data. Following Fields in the window,

  • Delegated Group Name: This field specifies name the group .
  • Enable Group for Login Access: This checkbox Allow the delegated administrator to log in as a user belonging to the role hierarchy that they manage.

Step-2: Then Click on Save and this will redirect us to the Delegated Group Detail page.

After creating the delegated user group, we have to do a few tasks, defined as follows :

  1. Delegated administrators
  2. User Administration
  3. Assignable Profiles
  4. Custom Object Administration

Then we can change these settings any time by navigating to Setup Administer Security Controls Delegated Administration.

If we need to check the Audit Trail for these changes, Then navigate to Setup Administer Security Controls View Setup Audit Trail.

Enable delegated administrators to manage users in specified roles and so all subordinate roles and assign specified profiles to those users, and log in as users who have granted login access to administrators. A delegated administration group is a group of users who have the same admin privileges because groups are not related to public groups used for sharing.

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