How to enable chatter for Custom object

Enabling chatter for custom objects helps in sharing record information, tracks the changes of key field. Also here we can @mention any user or groups for giving attention on any specific changes.

To enable chatter feed tracking follow the below steps:-

Now we are going to enable chatter for a custom object called Expense.

Step 1: Go to Setup, search Feed Tracking in Quick find box. Then select Feed Tracking.

Step 2: In the available object list click on Expense.

Step 3: Check Enable Feed Tracking check box.

Step 4: Select which field we need to track. In Expense object we will track Amount and Date field. So check these two fields as shown in below picture.

 Step 5: Then click Save. Finally we enabled the chatter for Expense object

Now we will check it is actually enabled or not in Expense

Open any record in Expense object, and you will be see chatter is enabled for this object. As highlighted in below picture.


Prepared By,
Pabitra Kumar Panda,
Software Engineer,
Merfantz Technologies.