How to display the Parent’s Related list into Child Record Page in Lightning

The Parent Record (Account) Related List (Contact Record) was Display on the Child Record(Opportunity).

    1. Go to the Object and Open the Record


  1. Click the setup and Click on Edit Page
  2. Drag and Drop the Related List–Single from the Lightning Components Option
  3. Edit the Page Label
  4. Choose the Parent Name (Account Name)
  5. Select the parent record Related List
  6. Choose the Related List type for Enhanced List
  7. Click Save and Activated
  8. Choose the ORG DEFAULT and click on Assign as Org Default
  9. Select the Desktop and Phone and click on Next
  10. Finally Click the Save and Use Successfully.

Prepared By,
Tamilselvan Selvaraj,
Software Engineer,
Merfantz Technologies.