How to disable the cache in Salesforce

Salesforce help the runtime performance by caching components in the client. This is positive for the end users because page loads are fast. But is not very good for developers when developing Lightning Components, because they may think the code is wrong, or they have to hit hard refresh a few times while the cache is cleared.

The Lightning Platform Caches layer provides faster performance and better reliability when caching Salesforce session and org data. Specify what to cache and for how long without using custom objects and settings or overloading a Visualforce view state. Platform Cache improves performance by distributing cache space so that some applications or operations don’t steal capacity from others.

Because Apex runs in a multi-tenant environment with cached data living alongside internally cached data, caching involves minimal disruption to core Salesforce processes.

We can fix this problem via session setting.

To disable the cache in salesforce follow below steps,

Step-1 : Once Logged in, Go to Setup 

Step-2 : Enter session setting in Quick Find-box

 cache is cleared

Step-3 : Deselect Enable secure and persistent browser caching to improve performance in caching

 cache is cleared

Step-4 : click save

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