How to Create the Survey in Salesforce

Salesforce Surveys enables us to create forms using a simple editor within Salesforce Org. The customer or user feedback we capture is stored in Salesforce, readily displayed as reports and dashboards. Salesforce Survey is available in Health Cloud & Financial Service Cloud otherwise its paid. 

To Create Survey :

First we have to Enable the Survey.

Step 1 : In Setup, enter Survey in the Quick Find box, select Survey, and then click Survey Settings.

Step 2 : Enable Surveys.When we enable Surveys, two sample surveys are added to Salesforce org.

Step 3 : Navigate to App Launcher and search for Survey.

 Step 4 : Open Survey Object –> Click New

Every Survey would have below three options:

  • View / Create Survey
  • Send (Send Survey to internal or external user)
  • Analyze (Survey Report)

Now we can see 3 Pages :

  • Welcome Page
  • Add Page
  • Thank you Page

Step 5 : Edit the survey’s Welcome page.


Step 6 : To add a question page, click Add Page in the sidebar.


Step 7: To add one or more questions to the page, click Add Question.

Step 8 : Edit the survey’s Thank You page.


Step 9 : To review how the survey looks, click Preview.

Step 10 : To activate the survey so that we can send it to participants, click Activate.

Step 11 : To Share the Survey with the Peoples, select Send On that we can get 2 options

  • Get Link
  • Send Mail

Step 12 : We can find out the survey Completed Count with the Help of Dashboard