How to Create the Kanban list view in Salesforce Lightning

What is Kanban Lightning List View Magic?

  • In Salesforce one of the best features is Kanban view.
  • You can monitor all records in a single view, it available for all objects except task.
  • The main advantage is track and drop, you can change the status with simple tack and drop.
  • It will work on all Salesforce editions.

Kanban Creation:

To configure the Kanban view, first click near wrench icon and then select Kanban option.

Select Kanban option, Then Click wrench Icon and ready to configure with Kanban settings.

It must Summarized with any one of the field. Here we summarized with amount and Grouped with stage field.

Then we can see the magic of list view

Track and drop from one stage to another stage.

Finally we got the view and its most useful now days.