How to Create Dynamic Forms in Salesforce Lightning

Dynamic Forms and Dynamic Actions is the next step in the evolution of Lightning record pages in Lightning Experience Salesforce.

While Dynamic Forms adds a step of point-and-click customization for our Lightning record pages that previously required custom coding. And gives us ability to configure record detail page fields and sections inside Lightning App Builder.

There are two ways we can start using Dynamic Forms. For new record pages, after we create the page, don’t bother with a Record Detail component. We can immediately drag Field Section components and fields onto the page.

The great thing about Dynamic Forms is that it’s flexible. We can rearrange, organize, and even place sections in tabs!

For existing record pages, We could start by dragging fields and sections, but there’s a much easier way. Open our page in the Lightning App Builder, click the Record Detail component, and we see a new area at the top of the Record Detail properties pane.

  • Place fields and sections wherever we want.
  • Put fields and sections into accordion components or tabs to significantly improve page load times.
  • Use visibility rules to show and hide fields and sections.
  • Manage the fields and sections on our pages in the Lightning App Builder without touching the page layout editor.
  • Reduce the number of page layouts we need with component visibility rules.
  • Take advantage of a single assignment model for the Lightning page instead of the dual model of assigning a Lightning page and a page layout.

Step 1: Here we are choosing Freight record page layout going to place one of the field called “Difference” on detail page editor.

Step 2Here we are adding a filter this field only show when the status as Evaluation.

Step 3Once save the detail will be appear like this, now the status was Manufacturing so that field was not shown in the layout.

Step 4Once change the status as Evaluation instantly that field was visible for get the input.

Step 5That same way we did in one more status as Purchase, Amount field will be visible.


  • […] Dynamic Forms And Dynamic Actions is the next step in the evolution of Lightning record pages in Lightning Experience Salesforce. Summer ‘20 is a particularly exciting release for Salesforce as they finally reveal a suite of new features for Lightning App Builder designed to facilitate the creation of “flexible and dynamic pages, without writing code” source: Try Dynamic Actions in App Builder with the Summer ’20 Release. Dynamic Action will enable us to create uncluttered, intuitive and responsive pages that display only the actions need to see based on criteria that we specify. […]