How to Create Custom Report Types in Salesforce

Custom report types in salesforce allows us to build framework in the report wizard when creating custom reports. Creating a Custom Report Type involves selecting the standard and custom objects we would like to include, and their relationship

Features :

  • Multiple Objects: add up to 4 layers of objects as long as they have a parent-child relationship.
  • Fields via Lookup: we can add fields into the report from any related object.
  • Create, remove, rename & reorder sections and fields.

Step 1 : Go to Setup, find Report Types from the quick find box. Click the ’New Custom Report Type’ Follow the screenshot below.

Step 2 : Select which object we want create a custom Reports type and Give all the Values

Step 3 : We have to define object relationship for this custom report type. Define which related records from other objects are returned in the report results by choosing a relationship to another object.

  1. Click on the box with the dotted border, which says ‘click to relate to another object’, Here i choose Opportunities.
  2. In box B, select Each “A” records may or may not have related “B” records. It means Accounts may or may not have Opportunities. Click on save.

Step 4 : Next step is to choose the fields that will be available for the reports when users use the Report Builder.

1. Click Edit Layout button and Choose the Fields which we want.

This Report type will be available in select Report type in Report Object.

For reference : Click Here

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