How to create custom link on sidebar in Salesforce

Salesforce has the ability to place custom links on the Sidebar of the Home page that allows a user to navigate to an internal or external page with just one click.

These custom links can increase productivity and reduce clutter when created .

Step-1: Go to Setup=>Customize=>Home=>Custom Links.

Step- 2:  Then Click the new button

Step -3: Enter the label name

            In Behavior select Display in a new window from picklist.

             Select URL in content Source        

             Enter URL

Step-4: Click save

The new custom link will not be displayed to users until we create a custom links component and then add that component to a home page layout.

Step-5: Go to Setup=>Customize=>Home=>Home page components


Step-6: Click new button

Step-7: Enter Name and click links

Step-8: Now we have to add custom links to show section from custom links not to show section.

Use Arrow’s to move and select Save

     We have successfully created salesforce training custom link on home page but we have not added this custom link on home page layout. Now we are going to add this custom link to our home page layout.

Step -9:  Go to setup=>Customize=>Home=>Home page layouts

Step-10: Edit Default home page layout to add Blog post custom links.

Step-11: Select Blog post custom link check box to add on page layout.

Step-12: Move the custom link to the required position using arrow’s and Save the settings.

Step-13: Now go to Home page and we will find Blog post custom link

  When user click on Blog post custom link button a new window will be opened.

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