How to Create a Opportunity Pipeline in Salesforce

What is a Pipeline?

The Pipeline in Salesforce is a visual representation of the stages in your sales process. It should help your sales team quickly see how many opportunities are present at each stage and where their sales focus should be going for the upcoming day, week, and month.

Set Up Your Opportunity Stages in Salesforce

Now that we have your stages defined, it’s time to set them up in your opportunity stages. To do this:

  1. Navigate to Setup.
  2. Under ‘Build’, click Customize > Opportunity > Fields.
  3.  Click the ‘Stage’ field.
  4.  Then Click ‘New’ to add a new stage.
  5.  next Click ‘Save

  opportunity stage picklist

Work Opportunities Through Your Pipeline

The first step is to get your leads and prospects into Salesforce. There are two primary ways to do this:

  • we can add them manually
  • we can connect Salesforce with your tool to have leads added as your marketing team converts themTo add leads manually:
    1. Click the “Leads” tab
    2. Add a new lead
    3. Fill in all fields possiblenew lead in salesforce

      How to create opportunity

      To create a new opportunity:
      1. Click New on your Opportunities tab
      2. If we org have more than one record type for opportunities, select the type that best represents this opportunity.
      3. Give the opportunity a name
      4. Select or create the account that the opportunity is related to.
      5.  then Select a close date for the opportunity.
      6. als0 Select the opportunity’s current stage.
      7. Click save.
    new opportunity in salesforce

   Analyzing Your Salesforce Pipeline Report

we can do this easily right within Salesforce, with the Salesforce Pipeline Report. If we’re using Salesforce Lightning, the Sales Rep dashboard will show us ours pipeline.   sales dashboard in salesforce

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