How to Create a Custom Button to Send an Email from Outlook

Can we create a custom button to send an email from Outlook? Yes. It is possible and Here’s how we did it. It’s pretty straight-forward, but took me longer than it should of. Hope this helps you out.

Enable Developer Tab

1. Open Outlook -> File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon -> Check the Developer Tab


Create Macro

1. Click on Developer Tab -> Click on Visual Basic Button

2. Double Click “Project1->Microsoft Outlook Objects->ThisOutlookSession”. Copy and Paste the following code into the code window.

Public Sub CcAndSend()
Dim mail As Outlook.MailItem
Set mail = Application.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem = & ";<enter your email here>"
End Sub

Replace with the email that you want to Cc.​​​​​​​


Add Button to Ribbon

1. Open a New Email Message -> Right Click on Ribbon -> Select Customize Ribbon

2. On the right, Click ‘New Mail Message’

3. Click ‘New Group’

4. Right click on the New Group you just created and select Rename. Give it a name like ‘Custom’
5. On the left, Select Macros, click on your macro and then click the Add >> Button
6. Back on the right, Right Click on your macro, select rename, give it a name and select an icon. Click OK.

Test it

1. You should now see the button on your ribbon. Click it and make sure it Ccs and Sends.


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