How to Configure State and Country/Territory Picklists in Salesforce

State and Country Picklists in Salesforce is one of the helpful feature to use. It let users select states and countries from predefined, standardized lists, instead of entering them manually into text fields. Once its enabled, they offer quicker and simpler data entry. They help to ensure cleaner data in the system.They let us control which states and countries we want to be available (visible) to users in address fields in our Salesforce org.

State and Country Picklists in Salesforce Availability and Usage

The picklists are available in the shipping, billing, mailing, and “other” address fields in the following objects

  • Account
  • Campaign Members
  • Contact
  • Contract
  • Lead
  • Order
  • Person Accounts
  • Quotes and
  • Service Contracts

We can use these pick-lists in several places that state and country fields are available in Salesforce, including:

  • Record edit and detail pages
  • List views, reports, and dashboards
  • Filters, functions, rules, and assignments

If this appeals to We and wish to get started in our org, then follow along this step-by-step guide to learn how to configure State and Country Picklists in Salesforce. This guide covers how to:

  • Configure State & Country Picklists
  • Scan the Salesforce Org
  • Convert the Data
  • Enable State and Country Picklists
  • Rescan & Fix Customizations
  • Verify State and Country Picklists

Enable State & Country Picklists:

Step1: Open Setup

Step2: search for State and Country/Territory Picklists in search bar

Step3: Then Configure States, Countries, and Territories.

Specify the states, countries, and territories available in address fields.

Step4: then select the default Country/territories and Enable Active and Visible the Country/territories which the user wants to select.

Step6: Finally Save

Scan for state and Country/territory data:

Identify state and country/territory data stored using standard address fields.

By receiving mail we get the Scan Data.

Convert identified data:

Select Country/territory Value →  Select State for related State for the picklist

Then Save and Enable Picklist for the Address Fields.

Scan again for state and country/territory data. Identify new or uncoverted data referenced in customizations or standard addresses.

We will receive mail.

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