How to Clone the Record With Related List in Salesforce by Using Standard Button

We all know the “Clone with Product” button In Salesforce Classic. But, Salesforce released “Clone with Related” for Salesforce Lighting on Feb-2020. It helps to reduce our development. let’s get started that How to Activate the Clone with Related Button?

  • The “Clone with Related” action makes it simple to create recurring opportunities and campaigns.
  • The “Clone with Related” action adds every related record from the original object to the cloned object.

An example would be a user that wants to create a new Opportunity using an existing one as the source. In previous releases, the user would be required to manually duplicate all of the information related to the new Opportunity. Now we can use “Clone with Related” Button to achieve this.

This change applies to Lightning Experience in Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.


Step 1: Go to Setup and Click Object Manager.
Step 2:  Find the Opportunity or Campaign object and select Page Layout.

Step 3: Add the “Clone with Related” action to the layout, and Save.

Step 4: Open Opportunity or Campaign, Which is need to clone.

Step 5: Click the “Clone With Related” Button.

Less TimeConsuming: Sales reps and marketers can easily include related records when they clone opportunities or campaigns.